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Welcome to the WCRHA Members Only area! This is where information is provided for WCRHA members and is not available to the general public. We will try to have current information on project schedules for what is planned to be worked on on what dates. Please keep in mind that the projects, times, and dates displayed are "planned" and are definitely subject to change!

Our new online crew sign up is now up and running! You can now sign up for trains online on your own! Contact Derek Slifer at derekslifer@gmail.com if you need assistance.

See the following link for our new online sign up:

We've also included a PDF with instructions on how the new system works. Download the instructions HERE.

You can only work in a position on the crew that you are qualifed for. We ask that if you commit to work on a certain date that you please do not cancel unless you absolutely have to. Our trains can only run when our volunteers are there to staff them. Thank you!

Help Needed!

Locomotive Maintenance
We are always in need of volunteers to assist in routine maintenance as well as light repair work on our fleet of locomotives. We value any volunteers with mechanical knowledge and skills, especially in heavy machinery, but also welcome anybody who wants to learn these skills and assist our experienced volunteers.

Locomotive maintenance is typically performed on Saturday mornings in spring and summer, and on other days and times on an as needed basis. If interested, please contact Joe Giacchino at joegiacchino59@gmail.com.

Track Work
Our track crew typically works on Sundays (when trains are not operating or after the last trip of the day,) and/or on Mondays, weather permitting. This work ranges from moderate to heavy physical labor with manual tools, to operating maintenance equipment (qualified MOW workers only). Track inspections and brush cutting are performed at least once a week on weekday evenings or Saturdays, and after major storms and other weather events.

If interested in track work, contact Jose Escamilla at jaescamilla.wcrl@gmail.com; he sends weekly emails to track crew workers detailing the weekly schedule and tasks to be performed. You may also contact MOW Foreman Skip Small at 484-803-3450 regarding MOW equipment maintenance and other projects.

Passenger Car Maintenance
Our passenger cars require minor repairs throughout our operating season, including to seat frames and armrests, windows, electrical components, floors, and doors. The cars also have their roofs, exteriors, and interiors repainted on an as-needed and weather permitting basis. Please contact Derek Slifer at derekslifer@gmail.com for the latest status and timeframes for these projects.

Parking Lot/Traffic and Support Staff
We are in need of additional volunteers for controlling traffic entering and exiting Market Street, and directing cars in our parking lot in West Chester. This is an especially crucial task during our Christmas season, when we run multiple fully sold out trains each day. Please contact Skip Small at 484-803-3450 if interested.

WCRHA Directors

Tyler Haney - tylerhaney97@gmail.com

Vice President
Jose Escamilla - jaescamilla.wcrl@gmail.com

John Anshant - ok.ko@aol.com

Bryan Small - bryan.b.small@gmail.com

Tyler Haney - tylerhaney97@gmail.com

Railroad Operations Contact List

President/Equipment Maintenance
Joe Giacchino - joegiacchino59@gmail.com

General Manager/MOW Foreman
Skip Small - judyteach@gmail.com

Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers (DSLE)
Kevin Knobl - kjknobl@gmail.com

Rules/Training, Ticketing, Website, Equipment Maintenance
Derek Slifer - derekslifer@gmail.com

Supervisor of Conductors and Brakeman
Jose Escamilla - jaescamilla.wcrl@gmail.com

Larry Jensen - steam9298@aol.com

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